Suede Stain Removal

Got a stain on your suede and don’t know what to do about it? Here are some things to help you out but if in doubt, take it to someone that knows about stain removal or does stain removal. Always ask before you do anything about the stain and NEVER add water.

Normal cleaning procedures will usually remove stains but in some cases where the leather has not been maintained properly and cleaned within a few hours, the stains become permanent. The only solution is to have it recolored in the damaged area or the whole leather product.

Here are some suggestions for stain and odor removal :

Removal of Dust – Dust causes the surface to be discolored and this is not easy to remove. There are special products available for this.

Oil Stains – Try rubbing talcum powder or cornmeal directly on the spot. Wait several hours and brush off powder. Repeat if necessary. May have to use a leather degreaser product. DO NOT use Water!!!!!!!

Mud – Let dry completely and remove with a nail file, gently with delicate strokes or use a suede brush to remove it.

Ink Stains – Very difficult to remove. Blot spills as soon as possible with clean cloth. May have to use a dry cleaning stain remover. Ink removal kits are also available.

Body Oil – This can damage your look of suede, use a degreaser made for leather, if this does not work you my have to take it to a professional leather cleaning store.

Name Tag Sticker Goo – Peel off sticker carefully – residue left behind. Use a pencil eraser to remove it – avoid using a dyed eraser in case the dye transfers to the suede. Find a white eraser at an art supply store. Test in a hidden area first. If your nap looks rough or uneven where you used the eraser, use a suede brush to restore it.

Coffee Stain – Use a fine piece of sandpaper and gently work over the area, should come out. Or take to the cleaners one that specializes in leather.

Candle Wax – Fill up a sealable plastic bag with ice cubes and put it on the area with the wax, let the wax get as cool as possible and then break it off using a spoon or dull knife. Cover the wax spot with a paper towel and put a warm iron over it until it melts on to the paper towel to soak it up do not put the iron next to the leather. SCARY PART – the heat may cause the dye from the candle to set. So be careful ! ! ! or take it the the cleaners.

Rid of Cigarette Smoke – Place jacket in large box like a plastic bin and filling several socks with baking soda and placing then in the box. Baking soda will get rid of most of the smell but not eliminate it completely.Fabreeze and dryer sheets can also help but DO NOT place them directly on the suede, put in the lining or sleeves of your jacket.

Perfume Odors – Hang up on a padded hanger and place a plastic garbage bag over it. Pour about 2 T of Febreeze into the bottom of the bag , tying it tight aroung the hanger, and let it sit for 24 hours. May need to repeat this to get odor out. Another suggestion is to use coffee grounds to neutralize the odor in the bottom of the plastic bag, but may leave the smell of coffee. Another suggestion is to place an open dish of kitty litter in the bag because it is great at absorbing odors.

If these techniques don’t work, or you don’t want to try them, simply take to a suede professional dry cleaner who offers leather and suede cleaning services.

These are some simple suggestions but ask around and you might just find out other ways to remove your stain. Others that wear suede usually know about stains and how to get rid of them and if they don’t they usually know someone who does. Always try out in a place that does not show so you don’t have another stain to get rid of.

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I enjoy working with material and leather. Doing research and experiments have lead me to different conclusions, some good and some not so good. Other areas that have interested me can be found at


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